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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Assembly is the process in which electronic components are soldered on to the PCB. There are many processes used for this, depending on the final use of the circuit, the types of signals used, and the sensitivity of the components used.

Assembly also includes testing of the soldering and signals, to check if the pcb is suitable for production and use.


SMT PCB Assembly said...

Printed Circuit Board comprises of chips and other electronic elements placed on a slim plate. It makes use of so-called conductive pathways etched from various pieces of copper. After which, it is laminated to a non-conductive medium. Once the PCB is formed by various types of electronic parts, the PCB assembly process is followed. Thanks a lot.

pcb assembly said...

Thanks for creating this great informational resource.

waqar khan said...

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